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Phoenix Bathroom Solutions Ltd

What is a Wet Room?
    A wet room is a waterproof shower room.
    Usually wet rooms are fully tiled from floor to ceiling.
    The floor is generally tiled or vinyl welded and shaped into a controlled drainage outlet.

How do we make it waterproof?
    The area is fully tanked using a good quality waterproofing system.
    This gives our customers peace of mind that there will be no leaks as the room is fully

Wet room Design
    Wet rooms can be added to almost any room, and can be as small or indeed as large as you
    require.They can be modern, minimal or traditional.

    There are no rules when designing your wet room.
    As long as the tanking and drainage is completed to the correct standard, you can have your
    room designed how you wish;
    - some people like single piece shower screens,
    - others want no screen at all,
    - some people prefer mosaics on the floor,
    - others want travertine or porcelain, the choice is yours.

    We can design and create the wet room to tailor all needs?

Access for reduced mobility?
    With a wet room a level floor access can be achieved.
    This makes wet rooms ideal for people with reduced mobility, as there is nothing to step upto or
    step over.
    Wet rooms can be further adapted to aid disabilities with the addition of seats, hand rails etc.

Phoenix Wet rooms
    A new wet room would provide multiple benefits;
    - it can reduce the pressure on your main bathroom
    - is ideal for people with reduced mobility
    - will add value to your home

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