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Phoenix Professional Tiling Services

When you first walk into your new bathroom your new sparkling bathroom suite is complimented by the tiling / decor that you choose.
Quite often (if done professionally) it is the tiling and decor that creates that WOW factor in a new bathroom.
Therefore, it is extremely important that you have your tiling and decor completed by a competent and professional person.

No disrespect to all those plumbers, bathroom fitters etc that have turned their hand to a bit of tiling. Achieving a professional, quality finish takes years of experience. Please don't spoil your final finish by cutting corners.

Complete the visual effect of your new bathroom by choosing the correct tile combination to match your new suite;

    Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean, ideal for bathroom walls and kitchens, they come in     many different sizes, textures and colours and ideal for creating the perfect bathroom.

    Easy to maintain and benefitting from a resistant and durable finish, porcelain tiles are a chic and     stylish choice for interiors. Porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles are available in a huge range of
    colours, shapes and sizes to suit your decorating needs.

    Mosaics can be used to accessorise a relatively plain tile, by using it as a border or a feature
    band. Mosaics can also be used for full bathroom refits creating a timeless feel.

Natural Stone
    Natural materials such as travertine, granite, marble and slate.
    Natural stone tiles were used by some of the oldest civilisations to create stunning floor and wall     coverings and displays.

Travertine is a type of limestone that features lovely natural neutral shading.
Travertine is a great choice for tiles and helps to create natural beauty in your home.

Granite finishes can be either polished or rough and the tiles have a wonderful and unique natural grain markings, they are durable and very effective making them a popular choice for bathrooms, conservatories and kitchens.

Marble comes in a vast range of sizes and appearances that will help you create stunning design effects.
There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of marble.

Slate tiles are an ideal solution for that unparalleled appearance, naturally stylish and distinctive, slate delivers an exclusive look everytime it is used, creating the perfect design of your bathroom, wetroom or en-suite.

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