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Phoenix Easy Access Solutions

We are able to offer a number of options for people that are looking for an easy access solution for their showering / bathing requirements.

Level Access Showers
    We are finding that a number of people that are struggling to get in and out of their existing
    bath are now opting to revamp their bathroom and replace their traditional bath with a level
access shower.
    A level access shower is a shower tray with a low threshold or even level with the floor,     
    meaning that you can walk straight into the shower without having to step over anything.
    The shower floor should be non slip to offer greater safety.
    If the shower is to be used with a wheelchair the tray must be able to hold the combined     
    There are various different sizes available, some will fit where the bath originally stood and use     the current drainage system, whilst others will require the drainage system to be altered.
    Low level walk in showers can be fitted with doors to prevent the rest of the bathroom getting
    wet when showering.
    Such doors should be wide enough to cater for a wheelchair if required.
    They should also form a waterproof seal to prevent any leaking.
    There are various types of doors and screens available, such as; half height; full glass or just     
    simple curtains.

Wet room
    A wet room is another option for people requiring an easy access solution.
    With a wet room a level floor access can also be achieved.
    This makes wet rooms ideal for people with reduced mobility, as there is nothing to step upto or     step over.

Easy Access Bath
    A further option is to opt for an easy access bath.
    An easy access bath has a built in access door through which you can simply step into the         
    bath. Once closed the door automatically forms a seal to prevent the water escaping.
    They are designed to provide safe, comfortable bathing. All the baths are packed with safety
    features and have comfy integral seats to make bathing an easy and relaxing pleasure.
    These easy access baths are ideal for bathing or showering.

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